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Doing Germany: How to wash your car in Germany

Doing Germany: Go FC Bayern Munich!

Excerpt from Agnieszka Paletta's book "Doing Germany 2": You couldn't do anything on Sundays that made noise - no drilling holes in the walls or banging your hammer in the garden. You weren't even supposed to have laundry drying outside! Crazy! All the shopping malls were closed. It was truly a day for resting. But how to wash your car in Germany? »

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Book Recommendation: Unrelenting. A World War II Spy Story

Unrelenting: Love and Resistance in Pre-War Germany

The World War II spy story "Unrelenting: Love and Resistance in Pre-War Germany", by Author Marion Kummerow, is based on a true incident.
Berlin, Germany 1932: In a time of political unrest and strife, one man finds the courage to fight back.
Read an excerpt from Marion Kummerows book Unrelenting. A World War II Spy Story »

Book Recommendation: Doing Germany - Go FC Bayern Munich!

Doing Germany: Go FC Bayern Munich!

"Doing Germany" is the first book of the Author Agnieszka Paletta. She did what most of us only dream about doing - she quit her job, family and friends and travelled to live in a foreign country. And what's more, she did this more than once. Call it reckless or fearless, that is she.
Read an excerpt from Agnieszka Palettas book "Doing Germany" »

How an effective information technology provider should work


As the Internet keeps expanding, companies are not satisfied with mere web presence. Discerning companies today want their websites to reflect their corporate philosophy. An information technology solutions provider builds and maintains a company's digital brand image by developing unique, customer centric web development solutions that augment their corporate image »

Educational Scenario in Dolakha, Nepal

Education in Nepal

Pawati is a village development committee in Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone of north-eastern Nepal. In this article the journalist Ram Chandra is going to prepare a report on the educational status of his community. Education is the only and the strongest medium for the transformation of a society.
Read the Report of Dolakha from Ram Chandra »

Himalayan Dreams - Unleash Your Spirit

Himalayan Dreams - Unleash your spirit

The focus of "Himalayan Dreams" is on the natural beauty and the heartfelt interaction with the indigenous Nepalese people.
Imagine yourself among the towering Himalayas! Walking the trails to exquisite Himalayan trails, ancient culturally magnificent cities.
Learn more about Himalayan Dreams »

SOA simplify the complexity of today's IT architectures

Service oriented architecture

Service oriented architecture (SOA) delivers the flexibility for IT to meet dynamic business objectives. SOA is people-centric collaboration. There are many ways to get into SOA, and this should be done incrementally.
Companies today need the flexibility to deploy business processes quickly and monitor their effectiveness.
Read more about SOA »

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