Educational Scenario in Dolakha

A Report of Pawati, Nepal


Preamble: Pawati is a village development committee in Dolakha District in the Janakpur Zone of north-eastern Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 4346 people living in 857 individual households. In this article the writer is going to prepare a report on the educational status of his community.

Looking upon the educational scenario in Dolakha district, it can't be said that a marginable achievement is fulfilled in education sector in Nepal. Although a huge amount of budget has been allocated for education field by Nepal Government due to lack of transparency it is not known where that money is being utilized. Situated at a distance of 133 km from that capital of Nepal, Katmandu, and this district has altogether 51 V.D.C. (Village Development Committee) and a municipality.

According to the data of 2010, although being close to the capital, this districts 40% children are deprived of primary education, too. For the development of education sector couple of number of Government and Non-Governmental organization have been established but because of them being headquarter centered, there presence in the remote areas are almost negligible even the working organizations do not deliver any package in the rural areas of the district.

If we look at the situation in the district then the rich locals take their children either in the headquarter or to the capital to pursue their education, the middle-class family admit their children in the local government school but to the low-class and poor families have difficulty sending their children even in the government school. At this ward majority group falls on middle, lower and backward class of people.

After driving 18km from the Dolakha district headquarter and after 2 hours walk we can rich my village Pawati V.D.C. where in ward no. 5 resides 114 households. The population of this ward is around 386, and among them children below 16 years of age are around 67. Among them 67 of them, children are totally deprived from taking any short of formal and informal education. The main reason behind this is poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. Till the date not a single boarding school has been opened in this ward.

Recently there is only a primary school in the village, running classes from one to five only, and teachers working in this school count only a pair. Students taking education in this school are around 27. Among them the punctual student tolls around 15 to 20. At the recent time, Nepal Government is giving away coursebook from class 1 to 10 at free of cost, but this effort of Nepal Government is not enough. For the parents of those children, it is hard from them to collect all the necessary accessories needed for their children to gain education, although they wish their children to gain education.

The main source of income for the people here is agriculture but without their daily wages on their laborious work, it is hard for them to manage "Bread and Butter" daily. For the very reason guardians here are more concern in eliminating hunger rather than eliminating illiteracy. Because of many reason, children here are lacking in educational, physical, mental intellectual and psychological growth.

Situated 28 km from district headquarter, this V.D.C. is the most under-developed among all till now no such records have been found where any of the Governmental or Non-Governmental organization have done a reasonable work. Taking this in consideration, recently some of the intellectual persons from this ward have established a community organization which is named Sungava Community Organization (SCO). Legally registered in December 31st 2009 in the District Administration Office, Dolakha, the organization has already started its welfare job. The main objective of the organization is to work hand-on-hand in every aspect of society. This organization is fully devoted in doing community development works.

Eradicating the superstitious beliefs, enhancing the educational periphery, uniting every caste and creed of people, upgrading the status of the lower caste people are the first and the foremost objectives of the organization. There are 29 active members in the organization and more than 25 general members working under it. Till now not a single penny has been helped by any Governmental or Non-governmental organization. According to the law of Nepal Government, till the establishment of one year new organization can't get funding from any sources. Now that process of the organization is also a complete. Till now the collected fund from the members is utilized in running this organization.

The organization is planning to generate funds from different Governmental and Non-Governmental organization in the up coming years. Future programs of the organization are listed below:
- To establish a library aiming the school - going students and organizing computer training programs.
- Organizing health-camps free of cost.
- Organizing various cultural programs.
- Constructing community building.
- Planning for the welfare of senior citizens.
- Manage the activities addressing single women in the society.
- Manage the training programs for farmers to enhance and upgrade the agricultural properly in the society.
- Conducting awareness programmes among school student relating to global warming resulting in climate change.
- Promoting tourism in rural areas, upgrading living standard of the respective village-dwellers.

Hope to get a positive response. We will be encouraged to do some more works beyond our objectives for the betterment of the village-dwellers. Education is the only and the strongest medium for the transformation of a society. Our project is an integrated one starting from a village to cover a larger area in the days to come.

© A Report from Ram Chandra, Nepal, 2010. Nepal Picture: Lothar Seifert

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