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Unique roadshow on European roads


Adventures are great - provided you have time for them. Road movies are a wonderful alternative because they bring color and fun to your life.

You can now make your own road event become true quite easily - and done out of fun also brings about more success to the company. So just post your message and go on a long and adventurous trip through Europe with "onemillioncar".

You may think that advertising on a vehicle is old news? Not, however, when a brightly colored, eye-catching advertising car travels through a great part of the world. The rolling advertising column is known all over town and shows up wherever it is seen and known: in the metropolises and in the most famous streets of Europe.

The whole car is completely covered with colorful advertising - its staginess could not be surpassed. Cameras are pulled out, and passersby point fingers and are astonished, furthermore increasing the success of your advertisement. Everyone is talking about the mobile advertising blog, so especially eye-catching for a whole year.

Conventional advertising is a thing of the past - there is much more rolling with the crazy stickercar, not to mention the success it brings to those companies who wish to book "on the road". Once the car is completely emerged in advertisement, "onemillioncar" sets off on the long trek through Europe in order to invisibly yet much more effectively distribute its message wherever it passes.

A piece of art on the streets of Europe

A piece of art on the streets of Europe

You should not miss such an advertising opportunity - this is a real innovation on wheels. A great idea for your business and, incidentally, a growing work of art that is always in a show the whole year round. But the car can do much, much more than just being a show in itself - it also offers free carpool opportunities. Have you ever sat inside an advertising column and waved to passersby? You can do so - no problem. The rolling art and advertising object is game for anything - colorful and unique also means playful. Scavenger hunts would be a great thing: who finds the colorful truck first? It is simply a piece of art used as a unique mobile advertising tool. A great idea.

Of course, everyone should know where his advertising message currently is ... therefore, there is a GPS as well as a map on the Internet. A touch of adventure is always good because life is serious enough. The colorful car also experiences many adventures along the way. Something not only limited to people. Everyone has a blog - and a true celebrity like the "onemillioncar" even more so. Furthermore, those who have the same route as this ambassador on wheels, could use it for a joint venture. How amazing is free rent on a car used for taking holidays?

Once all the "advertising tattoos" are attached, the adventure is ready to begin. Take along your business members and get on board!

© "Unique roadshow on European roads": onemillioncar

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