Doing Germany: Go FC Bayern Munich!

Excerpt from the first book, written by Author Agnieszka Paletta

Doing Germany: Go FC Bayern Munich!

About the Book:

"Doing Germany" is the first book of the Author Agnieszka Paletta. She did what most of us only dream about doing - she quit her job, family and friends and travelled to live in a foreign country. And what's more, she did this more than once. Call it reckless or fearless, that is she.

This laid-back, entertaining book is the story of this Polish-Canadian-lover-of-Italy's move to Germany, a new frontier. Through her eyes, discover the curiosities of her surroundings; love some and gape at others, yearn for home, try to buy one, laugh with her and at her.

"Doing Germany" is travel writing at its best: a funny, witty, irresistible portrait of Germany, set against the backdrop of Paletta's relationship and vigorous loyalties as well as her devotion to Poland, Canada and Italy.

Excerpt from "Doing Germany": Go FC Bayern Munich!

But before I get to the arena itself, I gotta describe our garage. The first time M showed it to me he said: "Want a ride with 007?"

I didn't get it till I saw what he meant. What do you think of when you think of an underground garage? I picture concrete, and parking spaces separated by painted white lines and some pillars or walls or something. Everybody nodding? Well, as you all know, Europe is small. Houses are smaller, cars are smaller, parking spaces often require a magnifying glass. Okay, I knew that. But our parking space was in air.

M put a key somewhere into the wall, turned it, and then ... Thump! ... bzzzz ... bzzzz ... bzzzz ... My eyebrows jumped. M's car began to appear from underground, while the car that I had been looking at was simultaneously raised into the air (tilted). Wow.

Basically each parking space held two cars, each parked on a tilted floor. The top car was tilted upwards, the bottom car downwards. It looked pretty awesome and definitely like out of James Bond film when I saw it for the first time, but that magic moment burst when I saw M bend in half and walk to the door like that. He managed to hit his head on the ridiculously low ceiling only once (the "ceiling" being the platform that held the upper car).

"I'll wait for you to back out", I said.

Of course we were late to the game. FC Bayern Munich had already began playing some other team I've never heard of. Why was I familiar with Bayern you might ask? Was it because I lived in Munich, Bavaria? Duh. Of course not. It was because they had Klose and Podolski on their team. "So what?" you might ask. So they're Polish-German and I'm Polish. That's what. Go Poland! Perhaps I should add that Klose now plays for Lazio, Italy, and Podolski for Arsenal, England. And furthermore, that the reigning Polish Prince of German soccer is neither one of them but Lewandowski. And no, I don't follow their careers (big Patriot me, huh?) - M tells me this stuff.

However in the end I was very happy that we were late. Not that we were alone, mind you. When a stadium holds about 70,000 people, you gotta figure more than one of them is running late with her (or his) makeup. You see, had we entered a near-empty stadium, the effect would not have been the same. But we were late. The stadium was almost full. As we entered the vastness of Allianz Arena, I began to feel a sense of awe and wonder any barbarian must have felt when entering the Roman Coliseum. The architecture, the sheer size of the place was mind-blowing. But the sound ... the sound of thousands upon thousands of clapping hands, stomping feet and screaming mouths gave me goose bumps. Absolutely indescribable. You just have to be there. ...

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© "Doing Germany: Go FC Bayern Munich!" Author Agnieszka Paletta

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