The Story of Feminine Rhyme

Feminine Rhyme

Feminine Rhyme is a multi genre music power-house the duo's self created genre is (ECLECTIC POP) it is a mix of instruments and sounds, from Rock.

Hip Hop, Pop, Punk Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B, and also electric, they have entertained in many states and sold plenty of units, they captivate like no other and has the talent to become the greatest entertainers of all time. The duo is affiliated with ASCAP as song writer/publisher (Electric Pop Publishing).

2003 their demo/EP "Controversy" was recorded at Angel Beach Records in Home town St. Paul Minnesota when released, Feminine Rhyme soon entertained and promoted on their short tour. 2004 Feminine Rhyme was broadcast on live radio in Mississippi and picked up gigs at parties and small clubs.

2005 Feminine Rhyme became ASCAP songwriter/publisher members, and created Electric Pop Publishing that's still in the works of becoming a major publishing company.

2007 Feminine Rhyme recorded Sacrifice at UMP Recording Studios in FL and worked with producer Rick Bonadonna who has worked with the music material of Justin Timberlake and more. He also worked with Scott Storch, Timbaland, entertainment Mgmt Johnny Wright,Three 6 mafia, and more.

2008 Feminine Rhyme added a track to Sacrifice that was produced by Skye Michaels (Warner Bros. Records ETC). Feminine Rhyme has a genre all there own and has the dedicated fire and the determination of ICONS. This duo also self manages, writes, publishes, produces, and has a self created style, they strive to be discovered by a major label that wants new talent. Feminine Rhyme also has foundations set for many investments such as: fashion lines, record labels, production companies, shoe lines, publishing companies, recording studios, charities, fragrance lines, night clubs, and more.

April 2009 Feminine Rhyme was interviewed on a global radio station by Jim Black on the Underground cafe radio show. May 2009 Feminine Rhyme was on the global station, The Underground cafe once again. Now, Feminine Rhyme has fans in China, Russia, and more awesome places around the world.
Aug 2009 Feminine Rhyme entertained/promoted and sold out unites on the second tour and are still working on new music, fashion, designs, etc.

January 2010 Feminine Rhyme remasterd and re-released EP Sacrifice (c) and sold out units after a small tour. Feminine Rhyme is now working on new material. We hope that our new music for 2010 can become the debut album.

July 2010 Feminine Rhyme signed to indie label RNR Records (Germany) they are set to release another EP "Ambition" (Download available at Amazon).

We have the dedication of Icons and with success we will become just that.

© "The Story of Feminine Rhyme" - written by Electric Pop Publishing, 2010

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