Himalayan Dreams - Unleash Your Spirit

Himalayan Dreams - Unleash Your Spirit

Magical, mystical, mysterious Nepal. Imagine yourself among the towering Himalayas! Walking the trails to enchanted villages, exquisite Himalayan trails, ancient culturally magnificent cities. Moving through pine and bamboo forests. Dazzled by splashes of color as rhododendrons' jewelled flowers light your way.

Visit ancient shrines that will take you back thousands of years. Take a tour of a lifetime. Let yourself imagine. Let yourself go and discover the magic.

We offer varieties of trekking trip to meet your interest and expectations. Anyone with the good health along with the spirit of adventure can enjoy the thrills of trekking.

Crossing lots of ups and downs through lush evergreen forest up to astonishing altitude variations and ecological diversity of amazing landscape makes everyone completely refresh and rejuvenates them mentally and provides one of the great chance in whole lifetime.

Whether it is luxurious hike you wish to partake in or a rough original off-the beaten-path excursion, we are here to cater your needs.

Many of our clients have enjoyed these trekking experiences from easy to more difficult. It is up to you to decide what adventure suits you the most.

Remember we are there to help you enjoy your holiday to make it most memorable experience, the experience of lifetime.

Himalayan Dreams - Unleash Your Spirit

Share your experience with our guides, companion how they climbed Everest and has exciting stories to tell in a lodge. While sitting in front of a warm fire up in the mountain.

We create trekking trips that assure the greatest entertainment. We offer an ecologically and environmentally sound approach to trekking the Nepal - Himalayas.

Tourism to this region has increased 12% in the past years and the trend continues into 2009. It is our desire to expand our base and give more agencies a chance to offer their clients unique and rewarding experiences in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.

Visit our website at www.himalayan-dreams.com and see the variety of tours and offerings that our agency provides. Our focus is on the natural beauty and the heartfelt interaction with the indigenous Nepalese people.

Find out more about us by visiting Himalayan Dreams - Unleash your spirit.

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