Songwriter Richard Staines: CD Day Dreaming

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Richard Staines, we hear today, has been molded by travel, and experiences in a wealth of countries from Japan to Guatemala.
Taking his acoustic guitar with him, and seeking out beautiful places, he seeks to capture the colour of what he finds.

He was born and raised in South Wales, a country known for it's love of music and wonderful scenary. So no wonder he developed and retained a passion for music and nature throughout his adult life. Even today in London, we find him living in Epping Forest.

His CD "Day Dreaming" takes you on a journey across the planet, and musical influences, from the latin sound of "Chill", to the slide blues of North America. While the instrumental "On Georgian Bay" captures the serenity and beauty of the Honey harbour region of Lake Huron in Canada.

"Day Dreaming" as the title suggests is an imaginary journey to where-ever you want. While the lyrics of "Waiting" were gained from personal experience of watching the moon rise, high in the Andes.

Richard is keen on most forms of art, and the artwork on the CD is also his. The disk itself shows Lake Erie, frozen in winter. The inside cover shows Richard overlooking Mount Fuji at sunrise. The back is the Japanese Alps, and the front cover "Dead Woman's pass" on the Inca Trail in Peru.

These days, his commitment to music has grown. And he has become involved with community based music projects, and charity events. He loves to travel still, and if possible will try and get to interesting places to play.

Richard Staines - Day Dreaming (© 2007 Richard Staines - 5060101491003), mature, intelligent eclectic acoustic / classical / blues / folk guitar music.

© Text/Foto: Richard Staines

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