Musical symbiosis of man and machine

Symbiotic Lab

Symbiotic Lab

The band Symbiotic Lab was founded in 2004 by the friends Axl Böhm, Torsten Metzger and Frank Zeh, in Pforzheim, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. The three artists took it from the beginning to the task of revolutionizing the music scene with an innovative mixture of various musical styles.

In using the composition and interpretation of their pieces, the musicians of Symbiotic Lab became aware of how to sequenize any of the instruments, which from the perspective of the artist, is for the preservation of the band concept - the musical symbiosis of man and machine - is completely existential. Hence in the songs of Symbiotic Lab, in spite of the electronic style of the music, all songs played, melodies and live solos, are not interpreted by a sequencer.

The music of Symbiotic Lab emphasizes the borders of different styles of music to a very skillfully and excited sound, therefore amazing a variety of music fans from different music scenes. The instrumentation of Symbiotic Lab is composed of synthesizers, a groovebox, electric guitar, percussions, and a significant voice all together.

The results are sounds from electronic club beats, drifting synth grooves, marching percussions, distorted guitar sounds, and spheres, all supporting an extravagant song. Several bases of this music are in the fields of Electro, EBM, Techno, Metal, Industrial, and Trip-Hop, all merge into a symbiosis of music, people, technology and spirit.

Band Members:
Axl Böhm - Guitar
Torsten Metzger - Synthesizer
Frank Zeh - Vocals, Groovebox, Percussions


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