Amanda Hamilton and her quirky watercolours

Amanda Hamilton

Watercolours are a painting media, as we remember very well. In school we used them for our artwork - trying to make well constructed pictures without white spots.

But watercolours can be so much more. They are flowing, fair and lively - non static and wonderful surprising. In a very special way the watercolours can create work of all styles, including the wonderfully quirky art produced by Vogue featured artist Amanda Hamilton. Her unique interpretations of well known buildings all over the world are amazing.

You know the Eiffel Tower? Who doesn't - but Hamilton shows it at its best. It is like a look through a magic glass, when she depicts the Arc de Triomphe. It becomes playful and friendly.

The magic of the water shows wonderful gardens and cottages in Wales and delightful villages in Spain with cozy houses and places which truly feel happy together - wall to wall. Houses can't be happy? Yes, they can. We never noticed it, but Amanda Hamilton did. So she shows the world in her adorable, quirky way.

Amanda Hamilton

The "Goddess Series" are awesome. The archaic goddesses are earthbound, but Hamilton give them the magic of the flowing water - so Gaia doesn't burn when she stands in the flames. Her element is water - water and earth.

Visit Amanda Hamiltons website and take a closer look at her quirky watercolours.

© "Amanda Hamilton and her quirky watercolours" - written by , 2016. Pictures: Amanda Hamilton

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