Service oriented architecture (SOA)

Service oriented architecture

Today's enterprises are marked by rapid change, and IT organizations are charged with responsiveness. So imagine if the numerous applications across your infrastructure were transformed into services - building blocks to respond to ever-changing business conditions.

You could:
- Improve employee communication and collaboration.
- Reinforce connectivity.
- Reuse services, and eliminate duplication.

Bridge Gaps between Business and IT
- Take back control of data storage costs, unlock potential and reduce storage requirements.
- Respond quickly to emerging opportunities and competitive threats by rapidly deploying composite applications and automating departmental tasks.
- Find out where you are and where you want to go?!?

Service oriented architecture (SOA) delivers the flexibility for IT to meet dynamic business objectives it refines processes, streamlines communication and data transmission, and improves overall efficiency. SOA is people-centric collaboration. There are many ways to get into SOA, and this should be done incrementally.

Some organizations start with business initiatives that touch people throughout the organization:
- People-centric collaboration - improves collaboration among employees and trading partners;
- Business process management - improves business processes that are causing bottlenecks;
- Information cleansing - duplicate or contradictory information is scattered across the organization. Take back control through this entry-point.

Others start with IT-driven projects that integrate business services and bring about new levels of flexibility to the organization - this is achieved by creating and reusing services, thereby saving time and money.

SOA is not something you implement once and walk away from. No matter where you get into SOA, you must continually make it better:
- SOA Management: Efficiently deploy, manage and secure SOA-based services and underlying composite applications.
- SOA Governance: Establish controls and drive ongoing improvements.

Ramp up Employee Collaboration - Increase Collaboration and Information Access - Simplify Process Changes!

Agility is key to any successful enterprise. Employees need to react quickly, communicate effectively and make business-critical decisions on the fly. By transforming your communication infrastructure into a building block for SOA, you can maximize employee collaboration and increase operational efficiencies.

People-centric collaboration delivers a centralized way for employees to interact with each other in the context of your business processes. SOA can help you with your needs - drive innovation and responsiveness, and minimize deployment time for new services.

We have so many channels for communication - e-mail, IM, the intranet, phones, and conferencing. But somehow none of them were ever effective at pulling folks together to reach our production goals!

SOA can streamline and simplify your processes, optimize workflow, increase responsiveness and innovation!

Companies today need the flexibility to deploy business processes quickly and monitor their effectiveness. SOA can help simplify the complexity of today's IT architectures, by helping streamline your business processes and making sure they can be quickly reshaped to suit the business requirement at hand.

Using tools, with SOA you can model business processes, remove bottlenecks and then make changes to deploy enhancements. You can even link multiple processes across the enterprise - and outside firewalls - to suppliers and partners.

Computer Consultants gets IT done - SOA can providing you with solutions that will help:
- Collaboration amongst employees and partners, thereby delivering Information in the right form, at right time, and to the right person/application!
- Streamline and optimize existing resources, thereby cutting costs, improving utilization and driving growth!

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